Fermin Serrano Sanz

Institute for Biocomputation and Complex System Physics

Past jobs

CERN Openlab

CERN openlab is a collaboration between CERN and industrial partners to develop new knowledge in Information and Communication Technologies through the evaluation of advanced solutions and joint research to be used by the worldwide community of scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider. These experiments generate enormous amounts of data - 15 to 25 million gigabytes a year - and require a globally distributed Grid of over 140 computing centres to store and analyse the data, with a computing capacity of more than 100,000 of today’s cores. I evaluated some techniques used in the Aspect Oriented Grid Programmin. You can find more info in this document.

Alpsens Technologies

I worked in the R&D Department of this company located in Lausanne, Switzerland. During the past years, as Project manager and Software Engineer I was involved in two projects for McDonald’s:

  • ASSISTENCE™. My tasks included those of project management, analysis and development of a software system

  • CLEARFRY™. I collaborated in the deployment of this innovative product, the first real time oil quality sensor.

Alpsens Technologies won the 2005 PERL Trophy Award granted by the Region of Lausanne.



is the map of practices and the analysis of impacts of citizen science and Spanish society.

Los 100 de Cotec
, honoured member of this list of experts.

, Explorations in Digital Art and Science includes an exhibition, a symposium and workshops for the European Digital Art and Science Network in etopia_ Zaragoza.

ICT2015 in Lisbon
, speaker on the Open Science for Innovation session and organizer of the networking session on Citizen Science.

STARTS at Sonar+D 2015
, curating participatory exhibition, workshops and live performances.

EGI Engage
and the competences center for Lifewatch.

Open Digital Science study
jointly carried out with eutema and ZSI.

White Paper on Citizen Science for Europe
published by Socientize.