Fermin Serrano Sanz

Institute for Biocomputation and Complex System Physics

Ibercivis Foundation


Let me share here also my digital archive or sounds, music patterns and songs I work with. All the contents are open, please share and listen! In the past I had some other projects, highlighting Moongrass band (Zaragoza, 1998-2003) and I have many open lines of collaboration with close friends, but unfortunatelly our agendas make almost impossible to meet regularly to prepare something. Therefore, I create on my own.


This is my last album but many people consider it my first one because it is the first time I did mastering, media contact, dissemination and so on. It was the result of 4 months of creation, challenged by a conversation with Fran at BIFI, around experiences such as family time in Spain, Sonar Festival 2016 and other trips for work. It is for my own true love!


AS stands for Andres and Sergio, imagine then how much I love it. Musically it was a milestone for me. It was influenced by a workshop with RdeRumba and Xhelazz about sampling and therefore you can find samples from John Cage, Albert Einstein, Rage Against the Machine or Spinetta. Again, Sonar Fesival 2015 influenced some "perreo-cosmico" tunes. No mastering or editing, sorry. I wanted to explore instead of making things nice and friendly.


Thanks Ableton!, I discovered this DAW after a workshop with Pedro Canale (Chancha Via Circuito) and it is simply great. Beware: you become addict pretty easily. Just after the workshop I said to myself to deliver an album with the material created in 12 months. Again, no editing, no mastering... raw songs. Very eclectic, thanks. Chinando, Siempre Asi, Africa or Cenizas are my favourite ones. The cover links with my personal project for production nowallsfactory.

Collective Music Experiment
This project aims to understand collective intelligence, group dinamics and sintetic evolution in digital environment, but the way of doing it is quite outstanding: we collaborated with two renamed musicians: Miguel Angel Mercadal and RdeRumba to create the music experience beyond the experiment. Their show live is unbelievable. In addition,I presented my own interpretation of CME in (wow!) Ars Electronica 2014 with friends like Afroditi Psarra or Ei Wada.


I used some patterns from Arstic to sonificate the research project that analyzed the network formed in Twitter of the Spanish "15M movement". This video has been quite referenced in many environments reaching a wide audience video so it is relevant. Scientific results have been published here.

Other links between music and science
  • Moongrass, one of our last concerts was organized as part of APERTA by the University of Zaragoza.
  • I curated REVERBERADAS, Explorations in Digital Art and Science includes an exhibition, a symposium and workshops for the European Digital Art and Science Network in etopia_ Zaragoza. And we brought two artists who I admire a lot, Santiago Latorre and Jaime de los Rios who exhibited an artwork and performed live.
  • Caprices Festival is an outstanding opportunity to revisit EPFL friends and where I get inspired by masters like Nathan Evans.
  • As part of the STARTS activities I curated in the Sonar+D 2015 we included several music performance like DANCE, explorations of music and sound with blinded eyes neuroscience, MUSIC TENTACLES from CSIC, and the collaboration between Chelis and Bitbrain. It was great to see this picture used to recognize Chelis as the #1 top DJ in Spain in 2015.
  • Since 2014 I collaborate with Ars Electronica since then in many forms, including as Advisory Board Member of the Digital Communities Award.
  • I am also external advisor of the DITOs project promoting nice linkages between art and science.
  • I played the role of DJ in the Researchers Night 2014 in Zaragoza.
  • In the Citizen Science encounter I curated for Medialab Prado we brought Javi Alvarez to perform live a nice set of music experimentations using circuit bending, sampling and scratches. Thanks to Javier Galan it was possible.



Vigilantes del cierzo
is our new project with plants, in collaboration with AirBezen.

TEDxRivas Vaciamadrid with theme: Rethinking Communities and my talk on "Exprimiendo la Ciencia Ciudadana".

is the map of practices and the analysis of impacts of citizen science and Spanish society.

Los 100 de Cotec
, honoured member of this list of experts.

REVERBERADAS, Explorations in Digital Art and Science includes an exhibition, a symposium and workshops for the European Digital Art and Science Network in etopia_ Zaragoza.

Open Digital Science study jointly carried out with eutema and ZSI.

White Paper on Citizen Science for Europe
published by Socientize.