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Institute for Biocomputation and Complex System Physics

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Citizen Science - Ciencia Ciudadana

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Some basic info about me and my job at Ibercivis Foundation. We are working on citizen science to promote it, to support experiments, to perform research using this paradigm as methodology, to analyze these practices themself, to raise awareness about the research performed outside the acedemia, to educate from and for science. Our tasks include deployments on hardware and software, to create contents, to ensure methodologies, to redefine processs, to produce local and online events and experiments. Our fields of expertise range from volunteer computing, volunteer thinking, volunteer sensing, experimental data gathering, advanced learning and collective intelligence, to co-creation of scientific agendas or the creation of open laboratories for artistic and scientific production. I coordinate also the national platform www.ciencia-ciudadana.es and the European project SOCIENTIZE and I am associated member of the BIFI of the University of Zaragoza for its citizen science research group. I am coordinating the working group on citizen science and responsible research and innovation RRI at the European Citizen Science Association ECSA. I use to collaborate with other institutions like the European Commission as H2020 evaluator, COTEC as one of the 100 experts on innovation, or Ars Electronica as FIS participant and Digital Communities Prix advisory board.

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Fermin Serrano Sanz
Fundacion Ibercivis
C/ Mariano Esquillon s/n, Edificio I+D
50018 Zaragoza, Spain

e-mail: fermin(at-no-spam)bifi.es
phone: (+34)976762995
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Fermín Serrano Sanz (ES)



I will enjoy an artistic residence as part of the RADICAL dB festival in Zaragoza.

Vigilantes del cierzo
is our new project with plants, in collaboration with AirBezen.

White Paper on Citizen Science for Europe
published by Socientize.

TEDxRivas Vaciamadrid with theme: Rethinking Communities and my talk on "Exprimiendo la Ciencia Ciudadana".

is the map of practices and the analysis of impacts of citizen science and Spanish society.

Los 100 de Cotec
, honoured member of this list of experts.

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