Invited Speakers

Speaker: Alex Arenas (U. Rovira i Virgili, Spain)
Title: Optimal map of the modular structure of complex networks

Speaker: Leon Chua (U. of California, Berkeley, USA)
Title: Memristor Minds: Remembrance of things past

: S. Dorogovtsev (U. de Aveiro, Portugal)
Title: Percolation on correlated networks

Speaker: M. Kaiser (U. Newcastle, UK)
Title: Understanding the connectome: Topological, spatial and dynamic features of brain network.

Speaker: M. Nekovee (UCL, London and British Telecom Labs, U.K)
Title: Coupled wireless communication and transportation networks

Speaker: Francisco Pedroche (U. Politécnica Valencia, Spain)
Title: Modelling social networks sites with PageRank and social competences