Directions to the conference

You can arrive in Zaragoza (Spain) by plane , train , bus , and car . The address and directions to the conference hotel are on this page, below. The address and directions to the conference place , are on this page too, below.


Zaragoza has an excellent communication network, and is linked to the North of Spain through a motor way to Bilbao (A-68) and Barcelona (A-2), and the Aragón Highway connecting to Madrid (N-II).

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Zaragoza is connected by bus to the main Spanish cities. You can search the routes and timetables in the web site of the Spanish bus company ALSA .

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Zaragoza has a new railway station (Estación de Delicias), with a high-speed connection to Madrid (AVE train). The railway station is at the same place as bus and taxi stops, and car rental services. Zaragoza communicates with major Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Sevilla and Málaga. Timetable information can be obtained at the Spanish Railway Company web site: Renfe.

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The airport is situated 9 km from the city. At present, there are regular flights to Frankfurt (week days), Rome, London, Milan and Lisbon and domestic flights to Madrid and Barcelona. Connections from the airport to the city are by bus and taxi. You can make a flight search in the web sites of the companies that operate with the Zaragoza airport: Iberia , Air Europa and Ryanair (low fares company).

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Getting to the conference place

The Conference place will be at the campus of the CPS (Centro Politécnico Superior), at the other side of the river. You should locate the new BIFI building. More instructions about how to get into the Conference place will be displayed at the site. Posters will also be displayed in this building.

The University of Zaragoza address is:

C/ Pedro Cerbuna 12
50009 Zaragoza (Spain)
More information can be found at the University of Zaragoza web page and at the city street map. A map will be provided to all participants upon registration at the hotel.

Getting to the conference hotel (Hotel Goya **** )

The hotel address is:

Hotel Goya ****
Cinco de Marzo, 5
50004 Zaragoza
Phone: (+34) 976229331
Fax: (+34) 976232154