Complex Energy Landscapes

International Workshop on "Complex Energy Landscapes: Computational and Statistical Methods for Soft Matter"

The workshop on Complex Energy Landscapes will by organized by  the Spanish node of CECAM (ZCAM), placed in the Centro Politécnico Superior of the University of Zaragoza (Spain), on June 2-4, 2010.

Complex energy landscapes emerge in a broad range of fields, and their role is especially important in determining the fundamental properties of  biomolecules and other soft matter systems, where structure, thermodynamics and  dynamics are intimately related to the "design" of the energy landscape. Despite the continuous progress in the field, a general framework to validate, compare, benchmark and integrate the different tecniques used to interpret the numerical simulation and experimental results, is still lacking, while the increase in computational power and the refinement of the experimental techniques give access to new and unexplored frontiers.

The aim of the Workshop is to give researchers working on the characterization of Energy Landscapes a chance to disseminate their work and strengthen existing collaborations or to foster new ones. On the other hand, given the divergence of the techniques used to analyze Energy Landscapes and the broad range of the fields where this problem is being tackled, it is timely and necessary to share the point of view and the latest achievements of each approach in order to converge to more general computational methods.

Researchers from any Institution are warmly invited to attend the meeting;
Funding for travel and accomodation expenses will be only available for invited speakers.

Organizing committee

Pierpaolo Bruscolini (U. Zaragoza)
Fernando Falo  (U. Zaragoza)
Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes (U. Rey Juan Carlos and U. Zaragoza)
Diego Prada-Gracia (U. Zaragoza)

Conference Secretary

Beatriz Antoli (U. Zaragoza)


For any issue related to the conference, please contact the workshop secretary:

Beatriz Antoli

Zaragoza node of CECAM (ZCAM)

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50018 Zaragoza (Spain)
tel. +34 976 762988
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