Brief Vita

Hi, I was born in Tivoli, a city near Rome in Italy, on October 1982. I carried out my undergraduate studies at the Department of Informatics and Automation of the university of Rome “Roma Tre” where I’ve got a  bachelor and master degree in Informatics Engineering on 2004  and  2006 respectively. In October 2007 I started a Ph.D.  at the same university under the tutoring of Prof. Stefano Panzieri and Dr. Yamir Moreno dealing with Epidemic and Traffic Dynamics on large technological networks. Actually, I’m a  post-doctoral fellow at the Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems (BIFI) of the University of Zaragoza in Spain.  I have also has been visiting scientist at the Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI) in Turin and the Department of Physics of the University of Catania (Italy).

Here you can find a hopefully-updated pdf version of my CV.


  • B.Sc. Informatics Engineering, University of Rome “Roma Tre”, 2004
  • M.Sc. Informatics Engineering, University of Rome “Roma Tre”, 2006
  • Ph.D. Informatics and Automation, University of Rome “Roma Tre” in collaboration with Bifi, 2010


  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Zaragoza, 2011-present
  • Research Fellow,  University of Rome “Roma Tre”, 2007-2011
  • Teaching Assistant,  University of Rome “Roma Tre”, 2007-2011