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  • Andrea Martini (former PhD student in co-supervision with P. De Los Rios) -- PhD thesis title:
    "Unleashing the power of semantic text analysis: a complex systems approach" -- EPFL 2014/2018
  • Kanchan Mopari (former master student) -- Master thesis title:
    "Evolutionary Vaccination Dilemma on Multiplex Networks" -- EPFL 2015/2016
  • Riccardo Silini (former master student) -- Master thesis title:
    "Study of Neural Circuits in the Zebrafish Hindbrain During Active Locomotion Using Transfer Entropy" -- EPFL 2016/2017
  • Alex Nieminen (former master student) -- Master thesis title:
    "Twitter and the Brain: a Network Based Parallelism" -- EPFL 2016/2017
  • Benjamin Steinegger (former master student) -- Master thesis title:
    "Harnessing disease spreading through voluntary vaccination: A co-evolutionary perspective" -- EPFL 2017/2018
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Alessio Cardillo

University of Bristol,
Department of Engineering Mathematics

Maggs House (room 200),
78 Queens Road, Clifton -- BS8 1QU, Bristol
United Kingdom