IV National Conference BIFI 2009


The National Congress of the Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems (BIFI)  will take place in the Faculty of Science of the University of Zaragoza (Spain), on February 5-7, 2009. 

The aim of the Congress is to give BIFI members a chance to disseminate their work and strengthen existing collaborations or establish new ones, and also to foster collaborations with invited researchers from other Institutions, in Spain and abroad.

To this end, the format of the Congress will be different from that of past editions: it will include a plenary session, with invited speakers, in the morning, followed by short outlines of the progress in each research line of the Institute, providing the audience with the information on what will be discussed in the related  workshops. The latter will run, in the rest of the morning and in the afternoon, as three parallel sessions,  devoted to Biophysics/Biochemistry subjects, Complex Networks, and Complex Materials and Quantum Transport. 

The Complex Network workshop will also host the kickoff meeting ot the thematic network: "Dynamics and Collective Phenomena and Social and Economical Systems".

Researchers from any Institution are warmly invited to attend the meeting; partial refunding for travel/accomodation expenses will be available for BIFI members from outside Saragossa.

Organizing committee 

Fernando Falo  (U. Zaragoza), Pierpaolo Bruscolini (U. Zaragoza)

Biochemistry and Biophysics: 
Milagros Medina  (U. Zaragoza), Pierpaolo Bruscolini

Complex Materials and Quantum Transport: 
Victor Gopar (U. Zaragoza)

Complex Networks, Econophysics: 
Yamir Moreno (U. Zaragoza) 


For any issue related to the conference, please contact the Institute secretaries:

Isabel Vidal, Beatriz Antoli

Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems
Corona de Aragón 42 
50009 Zaragoza (Spain)
tel. +34 976562213
fax: +34 976562215